About Us

McKinney Corp. was founded by Murf McKinney and two brothers in 1981to build Funny Cars for the sport of Drag Racing. Over the years the company has grown to become a self-sufficient manufacturing and research and development center. What started as a motorsports company has diversified into commercial machining and fabricating as well, staffed by a growing number of employees and equipped with state of the art CNC machinery.

McKinney Corp. uses sophisticated technology, and highly skilled people to produce its products. Every component is a part of each person making the products. Using a powerful stress analysis program, and computer design software, our designers can analyze the forces that effect performance. This high tech approach allows us to maximize strength and minimize weight in every part we manufacture.

We recognize the need for consistency, uniformity, and quality in our products. The parts you buy today should be interchangeable with the one you bought two years ago. We inventory thousands of parts to meet your needs. Our staff handles every order promptly and professionally. McKinney Corp. is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.

In addition to Motorsports we are also currently serving the following industries:
• Recreation • Medical • Marine • Aviation • Agriculture • Transportation • Academic •